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Belonging is life-changing

There is so much to learn about creating a space where everyone belongs — a space focused on equity, diversity and inclusion for all. When we create that space, the experience is life-changing for individuals and for our university community.

Healthy workplaces, healthy employees

People experience discrimination and are left out and left behind for many reasons. The impacts are far reaching and can affect the following:

  • the way people are given opportunities to earn a living
  • how safely people can enjoy their communities
  • the ability of people to maintain a healthy lifestyle with safe housing, time for rest, fitness and access to healthy foods (social determinants of health)
  • the quality of health care people receive and the amount of stress people experience, which have negative health impacts
  • suicide rates
  • how much money people earn and how quickly they advance

In order to maintain a healthy work environment and a healthy community, discrimination is something that needs to be eliminated.

There is a business case for inclusion. Put simply, diverse organizations are more likely to thrive. Thriving organizations can serve more people, hire more people and have a bigger impact on their community.

We hope this sparks your interest in learning how you can be part of making Royal Roads University as inclusive as possible.

Donneil McNab portrait

Meet your colleague Donneil

Start your EDI reading with this employee spotlight — an interview with Donneil McNab, a student engagement associate at RRU.

Read Donneil's story


We've assembled resources that can help you be a champion for diversity in the workplace and build positive relationships with colleagues, students and community members from a range of backgrounds.

Education is an important component of changing the way we act, connect and communicate. Together, we can create a safe space where our staff, faculty and contractors can bring their whole selves to work.

Dive into these helpful resources and level up your knowledge about what it means to belong in the workplace. Many of these resources are internal to Royal Roads University, while others are from external partners.


Racial discrimination is a serious issue. It's not just about hurt feelings: people are at risk of death from the impacts of racism. When you learn how to be actively anti-racist, you can better contribute to a welcoming and healthy environment.

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion is an organization that creates awareness, conversation and action to support inclusion in the workplace.

As an RRU employee, you can take webinars and explore resources on the CCDI website.

Get access to CCDI resources

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Here are some CCDI resources you may find helpful to start with:

LinkedIn Learning

Staff and faculty have access to LinkedIn Learning's library of professional training videos. We recommend these videos on equity, diversity and inclusion:

Celebrating diversity together

At Royal Roads University, we are on the lands of the Xwsepsum and Lekwungen ancestors and families. These are resources where you can learn more about Indigenous people, their cultures and traditions:

  • Living Legends
    Elder Ralph Phillips, of the Xat’sull First Nation, shares the story of the salmon.
  • The Story of the Haida
    Renowned activist Guujaaw, Haida Gwaii Watchman Vince Collison and carver Gwaliga Hart tell the story of the Haida Nation.
  • The Art of Totem Poles
    Haida carver Tyler York speaks about this incredible cultural and artistic tradition.
  • Indigenous Tourism BC
    Plan your staycation in beautiful BC and learn more about Indigenous culture with this app.