Major events

Stay safe in a crisis

Accidents happen. Emergencies happen. Disasters happen. If we expect the unexpected, we can reduce everyone's risk.

The effects of accidents, emergencies and disasters can be minimized if everyone knows what to do in times of crisis. Royal Roads takes steps to prepare our campus and university community to deal with the unexpected. We have plans and people — like our emergency wardens — in place to help everyone stay safe. You can do your part by participating in emergency training opportunities and reviewing safety materials.

Download the emergency procedures poster.

Planning for the unexpected

Our 565-acre campus is beautiful. It also has some inherent hazards.

  • Our forests are vulnerable to fires.
  • Our shoreline is vulnerable to tsunami waves.
  • Our buildings and roads are vulnerable because we are located in an earthquake zone.

We have campus-wide plans for dealing with the unexpected, including major events like a global pandemic.

Get informed

Our emergency wardens know our campus and are well prepared. They are ready to help in a campus crisis.

You can help, too.

Join emergency training sessions. Review safety materials. And be prepared to help when emergencies arise. The links on this page will help you be ready.