Learning for life

As a university built on a culture of lifelong learning, we provide opportunities for our staff and faculty to feel supported and to excel and grow. We want to invest in your potential.

Strengthening the capabilities of our employees means RRU will respond competitively to today’s challenges, as well as meet future change. It will help us continue to be caring, creative and courageous in all that we do.

U-Learn at RRU

U-Learn is our employee learning and development framework. It's our commitment to helping you grow your personal and professional skills.

Guided by our U-Learn framework, you can sign up for learning opportunities at RRU and beyond.

You'll set personal and professional goals, and say "yes" to education to help you reach them.

These learning opportunities support your annual Professional and Development Planning (PDP) process and have specific relevance to your role.

Submit pro-D requests

To submit a professional development request, work with your supervisor to develop a personal plan that supports individual, departmental and university goals.

Professional development opportunities reflect our commitment to:

  • achieving results
  • fostering a flexible, creative and entrepreneurial culture
  • supporting an engaged workforce
  • investing in our future
  • preparing for change