Employee toolkit

Flexible work arrangements are a powerful tool for employees

You are encouraged to assess your work-life circumstances and individual situation and communicate your concerns and needs with your manager when exploring and reimagining work moving forward. 

You may find that a flex location model suits you best, allowing you to work from different locations; however, depending on your job functions, you may need to be physically present on campus. Certain positions at RRU are not eligible for flex location, but you may still benefit from flex time options. Use the Flexibility Self Assessment to assist in this exploration.

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Mental health supports

Flexible work arrangements can offer more flexibility and time for self-care, but, we also know that life can be complicated — and stressful — and remote work can negatively impact our mental health. For instance, the lines between work and personal life may blur, the absence of face-to-face interaction with colleagues may be felt, and there may be a potential for isolation. All of these elements can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety.

The following resources can assist you as you navigate flexible work arrangements: