Bullying, harassment & discrimination

You have a right to a work in an environment free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.

All university employees (full-time, part-time, temporary or casual) and all contractors (associate faculty, contractors, consultants and partners) engaged to work with and on behalf of Royal Roads University are subject to the Standards of Conduct and Service policy. The purpose of the Standards of Conduct and Service policy is to set out the principles and standards of conduct for all.

Awareness and accountability

At RRU, we promote awareness and accountability within our workplace through training. We conduct ourselves professionally, and we treat each other fairly and respectfully.

New employees receive training around what to do if you or someone you work with is experiencing bullying, harassment and discrimination. As well, RRU provides training on a regular basis to employees on reporting and preventing bullying and harassment.

The training covers:

  • Royal Roads' legal duties under the Workers Compensation Act.
  • Ways individuals can recognize the potential for workplace bullying and harassment.
  • The legal duties of employers, employees and supervisors for preventing and responding to workplace bullying and harassment.
  • Workplace reporting procedures.
  • How our workplace will deal with incidents or complaints, including investigations.
  • What co-workers can do to stop bullying and harassment.
  • Tips for how to talk to a bully if you’re a target or a witness of bullying and harassment.
  • Additional information and resources about workplace bullying and harassment.

Video on bullying and harassment

The short video below from WorkSafeBC explains workplace bullying and harassment and the legal duties of workers, employers and supervisors in British Columbia.

If you experience bullying, harassment or discrimination

If you feel you have been subjected to bullying, harassment or discrimination, you should report it to your direct supervisor. If your supervisor is the alleged bully, report it to the next level of authority (e.g., People and Culture, another manager, a union representative or another person in the organization you are comfortable approaching).

If you experience bullying and harassment:

  • If you’re comfortable, tell the individual what behaviour was inappropriate and make it clear the behaviour is unwanted and unacceptable.
  • Stay calm.
  • Don't retaliate.
  • Report it to your direct supervisor or HR consultant.

If you witness bullying and harassment

If you witness someone else experiencing bullying and harassment:

  • Be respectful.
  • Listen to concerns.
  • Don’t gossip.
  • Offer support (e.g., refer the person to People and Culture and Employee and Family Assistance Program).
  • Document details of what you see to share in a possible investigation (e.g., keep track of dates, details, witnesses).
  • If you’re comfortable, tell the bully to stop.
  • Report what you saw to your direct supervisor or HR consultant.

RRU policies and procedures

Review RRU's policies and procedures on bullying, harassment and discrimination: