Flexible work options

In today's evolving work landscape, the traditional notion of work has undergone a remarkable transformation. Embracing this shift, Royal Roads recognizes that flexibility supports employee well-being, and aligns with university priorities around equity, diversity, and inclusion, innovation, as well as with our climate action commitments.

Flexible time off

At RRU, we know that life happens. Flexible time off ensures that you have access to paid and/or unpaid time off when you need it.

This option does not require an FWAA and covers leaves including bereavement, court appearances, voting, household moving, flood or fire, general leave, maternity/paternity, medical/dental appointments, sick, statutory holidays, and vacation.

For more information, view the Types of Leave Policy or your collective agreement (if applicable).

Flexible location options

Ad-hoc flex

Unique situations require a creative approach. An ad-hoc flex offers you the flexibility you need to respond to those situations. Ad-hoc flex provides for one-time only and/or short-term FWAs (five or fewer workdays) and do not require a formal FWAA.

This option gives you the opportunity to have short-term flexibility in your work schedule if you currently don't have that flexibility or if you need to maintain consistent working hours.

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Flexible time options


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