Royal Roads University provides first aid services and resources as a fundamental part of our safety program.

Report all work-related injuries immediately

Call a first aid attendant at local 4114 on the in-house telephone system. Or, contact Security and Campus Services at 250.391.2525. The first aid room is located in the Millward building.

If you are contacting first aid for someone else, ensure that the injured person is comfortable and go to the closest place that Campus Security can get to by truck. Then, take the first aid attendant to the injured person.

Tracking workplace injuries

To comply with WorkSafeBC regulations, we report all workplace injuries requiring first aid to the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee at their monthly meeting. The committee reviews the information to determine causes and make recommendations to prevent injuries.

The first aid report will include the number of incidents for the previous month categorized by staff, faculty, associate faculty, contractors, students and others (e.g., visitors). For injuries involving staff, the report specifies whether the patient went to a doctor or hospital, and if the case involved lost work time.

The report doesn't specify patients' names, but it must include a description of each incident (e.g., what happened, what the person was doing at the time, what contributing factors were, and who witnessed the incident).