Professional development through Professional & Continuing Studies

Life-changing, leading-edge learning is available to you through Professional and Continuing Studies at Royal Roads University.

As exempt and CUPE staff at RRU, you can continue your personal and professional development by taking non-credit courses that align with our values and respond to the needs of today's work environment.

Enrol in two courses per fiscal year

Exempt and CUPE staff may take two PCS courses each fiscal year (from April 1 to March 31).

Request approval to take a course

To request approval to take a course:

  1. Choose a PCS course (pending it doesn't exceed $895). 
  2. Fill out the PCS pro-d request form (PDF).
  3. Send your completed form to your supervisor for review and endorsement.
  4. Submit the approved form to the People and Culture contact listed on the form.

Register for your course

Once your course is approved, People and Culture will send you an email with a payment code. Use your payment code to register for the course on the PCS website.

Registration depends on available space, so apply early.

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Explore PCS offerings

Browse online & in-person learning experiences offered through Professional and Continuing Studies at RRU. Exempt and CUPE staff can take two courses per fiscal

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