Providing professional services to the university

You will be asked to sign a Professional Services Contract to provide professional services to the university as an independent contractor. 

The contract is issued by the program. The responsibility to communicate specific contract terms and expectations lies with your academic contact. 

Read the general information applicable to all academic contractors.

Understanding your contract

Your professional services contract consists of the following components.

Part 1: Contract identification, delivery method, timing, deliverables, contract fees and invoicing, acknowledgements by the contractor and signatures.

Part 2: Definitions, Terms & Conditions, Schedule A - Deliverables, Schedule B - University Responsibilities, Schedule C - Allowable Expenses, Schedule D - Privacy Protection

Part 3 (if applicable): Schedule E - Additional Terms & Conditions, Schedule F - Offshore Delivery

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Contract contents

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Information we need from you

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End of contract

For questions related to payment and tax information, please contact the Finance department

Please direct all other contract-related questions to your program staff contact.