Annual vacation

Employees earn vacation for their hours worked at Royal Roads University.

Statutory holidays

Royal Roads observes statutory holidays throughout the year. View statutory holiday dates for this calendar year.

Your vacation allotment

Vacation allotments vary based on your employee group.

Each employee’s vacation accrual is converted to hours based on a 7.5-hour workday. For employees on a flexible work arrangement (i.e. – compressed work week and flex days), the number of total hours of vacation entitlement remains the same, but the number of actual days off would change.

CUPE 3886

Under the collective agreement with CUPE 3886, the vacation period matches the fiscal year, April 1 to March 31.

If you're hired or appointed to a regular position after the start of the fiscal year, your annual vacation entitlement is pro-rated based on the days remaining (see 21.03 in the collective agreement).

Regular full-time employees earn annual vacation time with pay based on years of continuous service.

Both regular part-time and seasonal workers receive vacation time based on the number of hours they are normally scheduled to work in the fiscal year compared to those who are regular full-time (see 21.04 in the collective agreement).

Casual and temporary workers

Casual and temporary workers receive a four-per cent increment on their hourly or bi-weekly salary rate in lieu of vacation (see 21.11 in the collective agreement).

Probationary workers

Workers on probation cannot take vacation time until the probationary period ends, except in extraordinary circumstances. If holidays are granted during the probationary period, the probationary period will be extended for a period of time commensurate with the period of vacation (see 21.13 in the collective agreement).

Royal Roads University Faculty Association (RRUFA)

Under the RRUFA collective agreement, new hires receive 20 days of paid vacation annually during the first three years of their appointment (prorated in the first year).

After three years, vacation time increases to 22 days annually.

After six years, it increases to 25 days annually.

Vacation time starts to accrue on your first day of employment.

Executive, management excluded and non-management exempt employees

The vacation policy for exempt employees is consistent with the Public Sector Employers Act.

The vacation policy applies to executive, managers and non-manager exempt employees.

Frequently asked questions

Review these frequently asked questions (pdf) about exempt vacation time.

Carrying vacation forward

The expectation is that you'll take your allotted vacation time in the fiscal year in which it was approved. Occasionally, and under exceptional circumstances, you may be granted approval to carry your vacation forward.