Your first weeks at RRU

flowers outside library

Welcome to Royal Roads. We're so glad you've joined us.

We've assembled information and tips about your first weeks as a new staff or faculty member.

We strive to be a welcoming community, where you can thrive professionally and personally.

On your first day

Here are a few practical things to take care of on your first day at Royal Roads:

  • Meet your colleagues to clarify departmental guidelines and work schedules.
  • Check out your workstation and ensure you have the supplies you need for your duties.
  • Take a tour of the office area and key campus locations with your manager or navigator.
  • Stop at the Welcome Desk (located in the Sequoia Building) to get your ID card and parking pass, if required.
  • Visit People and Culture (Millward building, 3rd floor) to drop off your signed contract, as well as your benefit and payroll forms, if required. Then head to Arbutus building to get office keys.
  • Log on to your computer and complete your mandatory RRU orientation training on the Moodle site. Learn to navigate electronic workgroups and personal files, and become familiar with phone and voicemail systems.
  • Meet with the benefits administrator about your benefits package.
  • Meet with a human resources consultant about your collective agreement, if applicable.

Remember we have beautiful grounds that stretch across 565 acres of oceanfront parkland. You'll want to explore some of campus on foot, so wear some comfortable shoes.

Refer to the campus map. 

Week one and going forward

Here are some recommendations for your first week and beyond at RRU:

Staying connected at RRU

Every Friday, you'll receive an email with the week's Crossroads highlights, noting key community news and events for staff, faculty and contractors at Royal Roads.

Here are other ways to stay connected at RRU:

Check with People and Culture to learn more.