Managing departures

Resource departure guidelines

When a person leaves the university, it is essential to follow a series of steps to ensure a smooth transition. This page provides a checklist to help you manage the departure process effectively.

First steps

Notification of departure 

If an individual submits their resignation or is at the end of their contract, the first step is to inform People & Culture and forward their resignation letter to the HR consultant. This initiates the formal departure process.

Departure webform

Complete the departure webform to officially document the person's departure details and notify the relevant university departments of their required actions.

Don't forget

Final form approvals

Ensure that all completed electronic vacation and sick leave forms have been signed and submitted to Payroll for final processing.

Employee personal effects

All personal effects must be retained by the individual or recycled/disposed of.

Internal communication 

Post an announcement in Crossroads to inform the university community of the person's departure. This helps keep everyone informed and facilitates the transition. Don't forget to remove their bio from the website if applicable.

Knowledge transfer 

Organize a knowledge transfer session where the departing individual can pass on critical information and project details to their successor or colleagues.