Creating an engaging employee experience

Research shows that when people feel engaged as employees, they tend to be more passionate about what they do - and more committed to the organization they're a part of. People who feel engaged at work go above and beyond to reach their personal goals and contribute toward the organization's goals.

The term "engagement drivers" refers to all the factors that influence and foster commitment and connection among employees toward their organization. 

As staff and faculty at Royal Roads, you were invited to share your workplace experiences in November 2022 through our Employee Engagement Survey. 


The survey was open for three weeks, during which 74 per cent of our employees shared their insights on their experience working at RRU and provided valuable suggestions for continuous improvement.

View the results here.


Together, we will continue to create an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity, celebrates achievements, and fosters innovation. 

Engagement drivers at RRU

Through our Engagement Survey, we sought your valuable feedback on 14 drivers split into three categories:

Job drivers

Organizational drivers

Retention drivers

  • Employee Empowerment
  • Total Rewards
  • Learning and Development
  • Co-worker/Colleague Relationships
  • Manager Relationships
  • Culture
  • RRU Potential
  • Department Leadership
  • Collaboration Between Units
  • Executive and Senior Leadership
  • Climate Action
  • Indigenous Engagement
  • Health, Safety & Wellness
  • Community Engagement

About the survey

The Employee Engagement Survey sought feedback on important initiatives identified in our new strategic vision Learning for Life: 2045 and Beyond, our related plans, and broadly, our future strategic direction. 
EDI-related questions were intentionally excluded from the survey as data related to this engagement driver was collected through the CCDI Environmental Scan conducted in May, 2022. 

An opportunity to engage further

We'll collaborate with unit leaders to analyze their units' performance and develop action plans to enhance engagement. Survey reports will be accessible for any unit with four or more responses.

Watch a recording of the survey results overview here.