All about your learning and development

U-Learn is our employee learning and development framework, designed to inspire your personal and professional growth.

Through U-Learn, staff and faculty can connect with learning opportunities, like workshops, courses and programs, at Royal Roads and through other institutions.

You'll get to engage in what we do best at Royal Roads: learning for life.

Why U-Learn

You and your lifelong-learning journey are why U-Learn exists. We developed it based on your feedback in our cultural value assessment surveys we give our staff and faculty every few years.

U-Learn is guided by our ongoing commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, our Healthy U strategy and our values-based competencies (pdf).

Benefits of U-Learning

When you say yes to learning opportunities through U-Learn, you'll be better positioned to:

  • align your skills, knowledge and abilities to support RRU's mission, vision, goals and values and business objectives
  • achieve department and unit goals and objectives
  • meet and exceed your performance development goals
  • develop clear links between competencies and learning and development opportunities
  • develop clear paths and ladders between U-Learn, professional development workshops, professional and continuing studies certificates and diplomas, and Royal Roads degree programs
  • build your skills, knowledge and attributes
  • increase employee engagement
  • improve employee satisfaction
  • increase sharing of information

Start learning here

You can start learning today, by following these learning paths. Each document gives you suggestions of learning opportunities available to you as a Royal Roads employee:

  • New staff and faculty orientation
    U-Begin helps new staff and faculty, through on-boarding and orientation, learn about RRU and what we offer.
  • Technical and administrative skills
    U-Connect supports staff and faculty employees develop technical and administrative skills for advancement.
  • Management training
    U-Manage supports managers and leaders.
  • Leadership training
    U-Lead develops leaders, including those overseeing service areas.

External U-Learn opportunities

U-Learn also supports external professional development opportunities with outside agencies, such as those offered by the University of Manitoba: