Working together to keep you safe

The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) focuses on health and safety issues affecting RRU staff, faculty and contractors. JOHSC supports the university’s occupational health and safety program in the workplace, as required by the Workers Compensation Act.

RRU JOHSC members

Management representatives

Aaron Segall

  • property operations manager
  • phone: 250.391.2690

Christine Thaler

  • manager, client services
  • phone: local 4441

Gina Williams (management co-chair)

  • associate director, HR Employee and Labour Relations
  • phone: local 4417

HR consultant (advisor to JOHSC)

Pamela MacIntosh-Snell

  • phone: local 4203

Security representative (advisor to JOHSC)

Rob Cox, first aid and security representative

  • phone: local 2525

Safety officer (advisor to JOHSC)

Richard Doyle, safety and environment officer

  • phone: local 4204

Worker representatives

Melanie Armstrong, library, worker co-chair

  • phone: local 4263

Elliot Carlson, CUPE alternate

  • phone: local 2537

Candice Cook, student services representative

  • phone: local 4770

Debbie Dennis, registrar

  • phone: local 4480

Moira McDonald, RRUFA representative

  • phone: local 4111

Sharon McMillan, SES faculty, lab representative

  • phone: local 4276

Roberta Sweline, supervisor, custodial/housekeeping

  • phone: 250.391.2527

Lisa Yaremcio, castle worker representative

  • phone: local 4383