Co-creating our desired culture

At Royal Roads, we're grateful for your input as we continue to strengthen our cultural values.

The insight employees provided through our Cultural Value Assessments in 2009, 2014 and 2020 help us delve deeper into understanding what's important for us to do to continue to be a workplace of choice.

As a result of CVA surveys conducted in 2009 and 2014, the university has acted on the following initiatives to make your experience at RRU as fulfilling as possible:

  • Health and wellness
    RRU launched Healthy U and added a new employee and family assistance provider, Walmsley, to provide counselling and mental health support.
  • Enhanced orientation
    We made updates to the new employee orientation process, including creating a new training site on Moodle with orientation for faculty, hiring managers and departments.
  • Professional development
    As a reflection of our organizational values of caring and creativity, we're committed to offering consistent professional development. Eligible staff are invited to take workshops through CTET, as well as two Professional and Continuing Studies courses each year.
  • Enhanced tuition assistance
    To help you achieve your goals, tuition assistance of 75 per cent may be available to regular employees (including CUPE) and faculty. We also offer 50 per cent tuition assistance for immediate family members.
  • LinkedIn Learning
    Whether for work or personal purposes, employees have 24/7 access to learning resources through LinkedIn Learning.
  • Executive retreats
    We invite those in leadership roles to take part in two executive retreats:
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion
    The CVA survey asked about EDI-centric values, including whether respondents find Royal Roads to be a place where they are comfortable being themselves. What we heard was that 87 per cent of respondents agree or somewhat agree that it is.

Looking ahead

We're taking a phased approach to reviewing the results of the CVA survey. To date, we've had focus groups and discussions about the four desired cultural values (accountability, balance, transparency and trust), led by our vice presidents.

These conversations have identified ways we can demonstrate our Cultural Values in Action. They also confirmed that the dialogue will continue as our culture continues to evolve.