How to apply

Here's how to apply for faculty and staff positions as well as associate faculty and contractor jobs at Royal Roads University.

Staff and faculty positions

To apply for staff and faculty positions:

  1. Visit RRU's job postings platform.
  2. Click on the posting you're interested in.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click "apply to this job" underneath the description.
  4. If you have never applied for a job at RRU select "first time user" and create new account and follow the instructions. After you create your account you can apply.
  5. If you have already created an account log in in the returning user area.
  6. Apply for position.

Tips for using the job application software

  1. You can upload as many attachments as you like, as long as the file size of each item doesn't exceed 2 mb.
  2. If you're applying to one position at RRU, we recommend the following:
  • Copy and paste your cover letter into the text box labelled "cover letter box."
  • Copy and paste your résumé into the text box labelled "résumé box."

    Note: If you upload your cover letter and résumé instead of copying and pasting them, they will be attached to your profile and viewable by all RRU hiring committees.
  1. If you're planning to apply to multiple positions at Royal Roads, we recommend the following:
  • Upload to your profile your standard supporting documents, such as generic résumé, professional certificates and portfolio. These documents will be available to all RRU hiring committees; you won't need to re-upload them for every job you apply to.
  • Your cover letter will be more impactful if you write a custom letter for each job you apply to. When you're ready to apply to a position, copy and paste the content of your letter into the text box labelled "cover letter box."
  • You cannot make changes to your profile, including attached files, after you've submitted your résumé to a job posting. If you notice an error and need to make a change, do not withdraw your application in order to update your profile. The platform won't allow you to reapply for a position once you've removed yourself from consideration. Instead, contact People and Culture.

Associate faculty/contractor positions

To apply for associate faculty and contractor positions:

  1. Visit the associate faculty/contractor opportunities page.
  2. Click on the posting you're interested in to learn more.
  3. Click "apply to this job" underneath the description.
  4. Follow the steps to apply using the online form.

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