(Pilot Program) Blended work arrangements for exempt staff

Since day one, we’ve done things our own way at Royal Roads. It’s already in our DNA to embrace a blended, online and in-person approach to education. The time is right to explore working that way too.

We've launched the blended working arrangements pilot program.

New world, shared priorities

Blended work arrangements can be a key element of this new world, aligning with RRU priorities around equity, diversity and inclusion, innovation and our shared climate action commitments.

Blended work arrangement basics

Blended work arrangements mean employees spend some of their time working physically on campus and some of their time working from home. These plans vary depending on your situation and can be either structured or flexible.

Blended work arrangements do not offer 100 per cent remote opportunities or extend to work outside the province or country.

Apply for the BWA pilot program

Here's how you become involved in the blended work arrangements pilot program:

  1. You and your manager review the criteria for BWA participation to determine your eligibility using the BWA framework document as a guide.
  2. You then submit your BWA request form and home work environment checklist to your manager and senior leader for their approval.
  3. The senior leader informs the divisional vice-president of your BWA enrolment.
  4. When your BWA participation is approved, you'll send the completed BWA request form and home work environment checklist to human resources for enrolment in BWA.

After you begin in the BWA program, you'll have feedback sessions with your manager.

BWA resources

Read more about the blended work arrangements pilot project:

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Blended work arrangement request form

Complete the form to apply for the pilot blended work arrangement program.

Download the BWA form (pdf)